About Us

Founded in 1985 in Brooklyn, New York, D&S Marketing first published its AP review and preparation books for Calculus AB and Calculus BC mathematics. Since then, we have become an industry leader in AP preparation and review, providing quality educational materials to schools nationwide. Authored and edited by esteemed professionals in their academic fields, our materials are being utilized by educators in thousands of public and private schools across the United States.

Available exclusively to schools and teachers via our online site and purchase order, our AP prep books offer high school students the optimal scholastic advantage. We do not sell any of our books to parents or students. This provides teachers with review books that students have not seen and cannot purchase on their own. Answer keys are packaged separately, as we do not publish the answers to practice tests inside the student’s workbook – giving teachers the option of when to distribute answer keys as part of the study program. This greatly enhances the learning experience of the AP student, and gives teachers the opportunity to continually test and track their students’ progress.

We believe that no job is more important than helping students learn, reach their full potential, and achieve success. By understanding what it takes to succeed at the college level and beyond, we are able to design educational material that effectively prepares students for the rigorous challenge of AP exams. D&S Marketing continues to value our ongoing commitment to teachers, to students, and to our passion for the very best in education.